Jeff Gordon: All that and a bag of chips

Jeff Gordon and Lay's Potato Chips


Rewind to Jeff Gordon’s Martinsville victory celebration a week ago. An out-of-practice Jeff Gordon rambles off his sponsors. He is looking on his car and firesuit in an attempt to get them all. Well, obviously he forgot Lay’s Potato Chips.

His second place finish this weekend at Atlanta, garners him post-race TV time again. As he’s talking, he deftly manuevers a bag of Lay’s Potato Chips into view and says he forgot to thank them last weekend.

My Take:

My wife and I were rolling on the floor laughing.

Mark Martin had just finished his ‘Gatorade Chug’. And now, here’s Jeffy Boy with his bag of chips. Thank God he didn’t start munching on them like Elliott Sadler did the M&M’s.

You’d think they just got done smokin’ a fatty, rather than racing 500 miles.

Frito Lay’s is right here in the D/FW metroplex. I’ve read about their 2005 plan to advertise more aggressively, since their share of the fried spud market was waning. Jeff Gordon’s 10-second promo makes it blantantly obvious that sponsor’s demand a mention for their advertising dollar. And, car owners (and ultimately the driver) will bow down to them for it.

Hey you big shots at Lay’s! Why don’t you bone up the money to sponsor the full car?”