Jimmie says sorry

Jimmie Johnson


Jimmie Johnson wrecks Elliott Sadler in the UAW Ford 500 at Talladega. He immediately claims he was, “hit from behind…pushed right into the #38.” Like a surveillance camera, tv video shows this is untrue.

Now, two days later, he admits he was at fault.

My Take:

If this was the only the first (or tenth) time Jimmie adamantly blamed someone else, denying responsibility for his own bonehead move, then I would be forgiving. But, it’s not.

Blaming the other guy is Johnson’s MO. We’ve seen it time and again. Guy is never wrong, never at fault. My intuition tells me this apology is a PR attempt to regain peer and fan favor.

Did you hear the cheering as he limped around the track with his blown tire? His reputation with his peers is becoming notorious at these restrictor plate races. Johnson has never finished the Fall race at Talladega, keeps wrecking himself out.

So, stick a sock it it Jimmie. Go ahead and cry your crocodile tears. You’ve got to prove yourself with actions now buddy. All available sympathy for you in my sympathy bank is used up. I’ll just be watching.”