Kansas Results – OBW Experts Chase Game

“I don’t know about the rest of you, but I normally don’t go into the Kansas race expecting much excitement. Some in the television media were certainly hyping it up as that, but for whatever reasons the racing at Kansas just doesn’t capture my attention or burn itself into my memory.

Surely eight years has been enough time for something to have happened on the track that would be memorable for me. Other than last years coasting win by Biffle, I’m hard pressed to recall anything exciting in the previous Cup races there.

Next year, that won’t be an issue as Carl Edwards gave it one memorable final lap passing attempt. Driving in hard and late, Carl took the lead and held on…. right up until he hit the wall. I loved the fact that he went in there for it with a points-be-damned mentality and still came out in the end without loosing his original 2nd place spot.

Carl Edwards is certainly gunning for the cover of EA Sports NASCAR 2010.

Here in our Experts Chase Game we seem to have our own versions of Greg Biffle (Mike) and Kyle Busch (Jeff). Mike now has two wins and a 4th place finish. Jeff has two finishes of 40th or worse, but (unlike Kyle) he also has a 9th place finish. Still, Mike and Jeff’s average so far in this game is eerily similar to their NASCAR driver counterparts. :) Mike’s average is 2nd while Gregg Biffle’s average is 1.66. Jeff’s average finish is 30.66 while Kyle’s is 35th. Hmmmm….

NASCAR Fantasy Racing Experts Advance Picks
2008 | OneBadWheel experts Vs. guest Gillette Fantasy Challenge winner, Jon R. “AMOZONS”.
Darren F. Jeff G. James J. Mike M. “AMOZONS
Chase Race Car Fin. Pts. Car Fin. Pts. Car Fin. Pts. Car Fin. Pts. Car Fin. Pts.
Loudon 11 9th 138 11 9th 138 11 9th 138 31 4th 160 11 9th 138
Dover 99 3rd 170 18 43rd 34 18 43rd 34 16 1st 190 88 24th 91
Kansas 07 12th 127 20 40th 43 16 3rd 165 48 1st 195 99 2nd 175
Talladega 18 88 88 24 07
Lowes 48 48 99 18 24
Martinsville 24 24 24 88 18
Atlanta 88 99 20 99 31
Texas 20 17 17 20 20
Phoenix 31 29 48 11 48
Homestead 16 16 29 17 17
Total Points: 435 215 337 545 404