Kansas Speedway Is The Toto Package

Ryan Newman spins in front of Jeff Burton at Kansas Speedway

Was there anything missing from the NASCAR race run at Kansas Speedway today?

Let’s see…

  • Lots of passing
  • Lots or hard racing
  • Three & four-wide racing
  • New ‘Chaser-Mulligans
  • Group B drivers running and finishing up front
  • Excitement right down to the last drop (and beyond)

I would say that for a cookie-cutter 1 1/2 mile track, today’s race was outstanding!

I only wish that my hometown speedway provided racing as good.

New Tires Are Better Than Old Tires

This is a note that every team made for next years race at Kansas Speedway.

The ‘Rocket Man’, Ryan Newman, stayed out at the first caution and couldn’t run with the big dogs once the green flag waved. And, as a result, old tires versus four tires was almost the cause of disaster for Jeff Burton.

Good presence of mind kept Jeff from having his day ruined when Newman spun right in front of him. (I’m trying to believe that nothing is the result of ‘luck’, even in NASCAR racing.)

Team Chevy Winning Moment

If any of you play NASCAR Thunder ’04 you know that Michigan is a total fuel mileage race. The only way to win that race is to run your car out of fuel (preferably coming into turn 3 and 4) before pitting to fuel up.

Tony Stewart did just that and won. That was very cool. He had a 17-second lead and luckily had enough momentum to cross the finish line ahead of Casey Mears. Even though it took his teammate Denny Hamlin to push him to victory lane.

Denny Hamlin pushes race winner Tony Stewart to victory lane

It would have been even cooler to see a deserving driver like Casey win the race. But, on the other hand, Stewart Fan and I are rooting for Tony to finish third under the old NASCAR point system.

Some Old Faces

It was a particular treat for me to see Dale Jarrett get a post-race interview.

It’s hard to believe it was his first top-5 finish of the year. It’s amazing how hard and fast the whole Robert Yates Racing stable has fallen.