Kasey Kahne is an Idiot


Kasey Kahne gets caught up in Reed Sorenson’s spin into the wall. Sorenson spins clockwise, ending with his driver side against the wall and nose-to-nose with Kahne.

Several seconds after the dust should be settling, Kahne still is pushing Sorenson backwards along the wall. Finally, he punts him out of his way and drives on.

My Take:

Sorry ladies (my wife and daughters included.) I hate to break it to you, but Kasey Kahne a.k.a. ‘The Real Deal’ can also be ‘The Real Dummy’.

Kasey Kahne’s true colors are showing this year. Remember his road rage at New Hampshire? He’s a young punk.

Okay. I agree that maybe I’m a little over-the-top on this one. But, age and experience certainly is an advantage on the track in more ways than one. The ability to hold his temper ‘in-check’ is something Kahne must ‘still be working on’. Many more incidents like today though, and he’ll need to call Tony Stewart about ‘that guy that helped you with your anger issues’.

What really surprised me during the incident was that no one commented on it. Clearly, Kahne kept the accelerator down long after he and Sorenson were nose-to-nose and able to stop. Right?

I like Kasey. His year is lackluster from what he (and we) had hoped. Today he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but c’mon Kasey, quit smacking the other young pups around.

I wonder if Reed could read Kasey’s lips as he pushed him along the wall?

Were there any inappropriate gestures?

Or, was the backwards push for several hundred feet statement enough?”