Kasey Kahne is Still An Idiot

Kahne & Reuitmann nose-to-noseAnyone notice that ‘Pretty Boy’ Kahne is a punk?

Was it just me?

Yes, I’m a little riled up because I am on the verge of proclaiming Johnson, Knaus, et al as the new ‘Lords of the NASCAR World’ (94 laps to go…hopefully I can defer the proclamation another week.)

I really don’t have to think of any fresh content for this post. I wrote the same one a year-and-a-half ago. Just change the victimized driver’s name from Reed Sorenson to David Reutimann in my original Kasey Kahne Is An Idiot post on October 30, 2005 after SURPRISE the Fall race at Atlanta Motor Speedway and paste it in here.

Now, as then, Kahne is having a not-so-good run. He gets caught up in someone else’s mess and finds himself nose-to-nose with another car.

Does he stop? No.
Does he really slow down? No.

He finds his gear, punts Reutimann out of the way and goes roaring down the track.


Here, here Kasey. I raise a toast to you and sitting outside the top 35.”