Lowes Motor Speedway: the new Talladega

Nascar racing tire with several blisters


Anyone who follows NASCAR knows about the sad state of racing affairs at Lowes Motor Speedway on Saturday night. So, I won’t recap anything but the raw facts.


Yellow flags 14
Red flags 1
% of laps run under caution about 25%
Longest green flag run 32 laps

My Take:

For about 9 months, I used to drive 2 roundtrips from Tyler to Fort Worth every weekend. 500 miles total. My car was outfitted with really bad $20 used tires. I blew one quite regularly. Sometimes I would start the trip already seeing some wire poking through.

What’s my point?

It’s the pits to worry the whole trip about which one of my tires is gonna blow.

I usually ran about 75mph. Not 185mph. I wasn’t driving in a pack of cars with equally pitiful tires.

That wasn’t racing we watched. That was accidents waiting to happen. I sure am glad I recorded the race on my DVR and watched it the next day. My ‘seat time’ was much shorter than the 4 1/2+ hours that most had to endure.”