Martinsville is empty

“I think maybe instead of advertising there was a Busch Series race in Martinsville, Virginia this weekend, they must have been touting it as the local elections. Fan turnout for the first Busch race in some 12 years was about equal to voter turnout for election of city officials.

What a discouraging site. I wonder if Martinsville will remain on the Busch Series schedule for next year?

I can’t imagine living anywhere close to the Martinsville Speedway and not wanting to see a race there. Then again, maybe I don’t understand the dynamics of the geography, road and hotel availability that Martinsville, Virginia can offer.

I can only imagine the nightmare it would be to hold a major stock car event at Cowtown Speedway, our local track in Kennedale, Texas.

I’m so thankful to be back to even watch the Busch race now that I can watch it on TNT. Plus, having Allen Bestwick sharing MC duties with Wally Dallenbach is a delight over Bill Weber on Sunday’s.”