Matt Kenseth won’t dance with Busch


During Matt Kenseth’s 60+ laps in the lead at the Banquet 400 at Kansas Speedway, teammate Kurt Busch wanted a favor. Have Matt let him get 5-bonus points by conceding the lead for one lap. Kenseth holds strong and won’t slow down. Busch doesn’t make the pass. In fact, never leads a lap all race.

My Take:

I’ve said it before that NASCAR teammates equal more points and I’ll say it again. The Roush 5-point-ballet makes me puke. Matt said it best during the race Sunday.

“I want to be friends with everybody. Everyone wants to lead laps. I understand all that, you’re just relaying a message. But, when it gets to the Chase, we’re all racing each other for a championship. I’m not gonna get beat by 4 points at the end of the year because I gave away a free 5 somewhere. So, we’re all just gonna have to race to get them. That’s gonna be the way it has to be right now.” -Matt Kenseth (in car audio)