NA$CAR, Visa & Marketing


During a NA$CAR race, almost every inch of our television screens have some form of marketing brand, sponsorship or clever tag line filling it.

Take for instance the guy holding the giant VISA MBNA credit card during the victory lane celebration and post-race interview. He is perfectly orchestrated into every shot.


Yes, I know this race is the MBNA Racepoints 400. Visa put up the bucks for it, they should get their due.

The ubiquitous marketing at NASCAR events is phenomenal though. From the ‘chug points’ for the Coke, Pepsi or Gatorade drivers to the ‘Powerade-Victory-Lane Controversy’ we saw in 2004 to Elliott Sadler munching on M&M’s during an interview.

There is a line between brand exposure and the ridiculous.”