NAPA Hatted Ho

a napa hatted hoI’m grooving with the masses as we ebb and flow outside the Texas Motor Speedway. We’re looking left then right at the driver merchandise. Money flows freely on race day.

It’s barely an hour before race time as I ponder which driver will get my wallet full of crisp bills.

My favorite driver, Dale Jarrett, has received my hard earned cash in previous years. But, I think I’m looking for someone new.

I need an underdog.

An up-and-comer.

Someone that is not already a ‘driver of the masses’. A fresh face. I’m thinking that Clint Bowyer is gonna be the new ‘Fauth Favorite Driver.’

And then like a bold, brash street corner hustler calling out to those driving by, I am face-to-face (not intimately mind you, but about 20 feet away) with the marketing genius of the season.

It’s Michael Waltrip larger than life. Right here in the #55 NAPA trailer doing his comedy shtick. Signing hats, diecasts, babies and breasts faster than a Matt Kenseth pitstop. It was a sight to behold.

I heard a few gawkers spit a little venom his way, but overall, Mikey is still a fan favorite. And, a merchandising machine. He learned about more than ‘the draft’ from Earnhardt…didn’t he?”