NASCAR 2006 Week 23: Who’s Hot, Who’s Not

With 22 weeks of NASCAR racing in the books for the 2006 season, there are some very surprising names in the list of drivers that are hot and drivers that are cold.

Hot NASCAR Drivers

NASCAR driver Carl Edwards is as buff as they come
Ok. I’m not really talking about Carl Edwards and how hot my daughters think he is. I’m talking about Happy Harvick. Kevin Harvick is the hottest driver in NASCAR right now. Over the last 5 races his average finish is 4th. He has completed 99.03% of the laps run so far this year, just slightly behind Jimmie Johnson and Matt Kenseth. Kevin Harvick finished 10th in the 3M Performance 500 already in June at Michigan International Speedway, and I fully expect him to continue his hot streak at least through Michigan and Bristol. If you have him on your fantasy race team, it’s a good bet that you should keep him there. If you don’t, he may already be too pricey to acquire.

More Hot NASCAR Drivers

Denny Hamlin is hot. He is averaging an 8th place finish over the last 5 races. Michigan and Bristol finish averages are 12th and 14th respectively. So, if Denny’s on your fantasy race team, you’ll do good keeping him there.

Kyle Busch is hot. He is averaging a 6th place finish over the last 5 races. Michigan and Bristol have not been real good to Kyle, so his current hot streak may be fixin’ to cool down.

Cold NASCAR Drivers

It’s been a heck of a year for Greg Biffle. He is currently 3rd on my list of coldest NASCAR drivers. The Biffster has an ice-cold 22nd place average finish over the last 5 races and a bitter cold 32nd average finish position over the last 3 races. No doubt Greg’s value has plummeted across most of the fantasy NASCAR games over the last 5 weeks. If your up for the risk, maybe you should put him on your team since he does have an average 10th place finish at both Michigan and Bristol.

Another surpise on the Cold list is the self-destructive Kasey Kahne. Kahne has an average start position of 3rd and and average finish position of 30th over the last 3 NASCAR races. Kasey won at Michigan in June, finished 4th at California Speedway in February, even a very respectable 10th place at Bristol in March. Kahne, like Biffle, might be a good low-cost pick up for your fantasy team if your feeling like a risk taker.