Jeremy Mayfield thinks Ray and Erin are an item
In Texas we race on dirt. Okay. Sometimes its packed clay, but even then you get chunks of it thrown up on you in the stands.

In the NASCAR ranks we currently have a little dirt being dished up also. A scoop reporter at heart, John Newsome (aka The Spotter), has linked to some juicy tidbits to feast on.

What was he smoking?

Well it was marijuana. Plus, a little blow up the nose. Rock candy. Cocaine. Yup. That’s the word on Shane Hmiel. Now that doesn’t rank up there with ‘have-to-know’ information, but I’ll admit having a little curiosity on what the drug was that got him banned from NASCAR for life.

A little hanky panky going on?

Well, according to Jeremy Mayfield the answer is: “YES.”

One little Ms. Erin Crocker seems to have caused the heart and mind of Ray Evernham to wander away from the business at hand (namely Jeremy’s race team) a little too much this year. He didn’t say it as plainly as that, but his words imply it. Now, I’m not sure I’m ready to jump on that bandwagon against Ray. Such is the nature of working relationships between male and female. I met my wife at work and we caused a few smirks and smiles ourselves. Although, I wasn’t already married at the time.

I’m not as talented or succinct as my buddy Marc (Full Throttle) as he sums up a good bit on The Mayfield Sage™

Me? I’m here for the party.”