NASCAR dot com Turd Polish Turd Polish
I think the cold weather down here in Texas must have me a little bit gripey. I’m starting to feel my own negative vibe coming from my past few posts. I’ve got to wonder about my mood when 6 of my last 7 posts are tagged in either the ‘Rants‘ or ‘NA$CAR‘ categories.

This actually is a good spin on my posts from 1 year ago, is bloated and How Not To Build A NASCAR Website.

I’ve got to admit, even a year later, I click to before any other NASCAR related website. I like ‘Track Smack’ and the daily news articles. I look at the picture galleries and even refer to their statistics from time to time. My NASCAR buddies and I have played the Ultimate Fantasy League game for 5 years now.

‘I like nascar[dot]com.’ There, I said it. I still hate that dang video that starts up on the home page.

So, it is with eager anticipation that I await the unveiling of the new nascar[dot]com website. According to the web shop over there it is due to be released on Thursday.”