Nascar Power Rankings: Texas

1 Jeff Gordon For the third week in a row Jeff Gordon remains in first place in the Power Rankings. His team has been by far the most consistent team this season but Jimmie Johnson is closing in quickly. Texas is one of the few tracks on the schedule that Gordon is winless at but Texas is very similar to Atlanta and Gordon finished 2nd there.
- Jeff Gordon
2 Jimmie Johnson Jimmie Johnson collected his first win of the season at Martinsville and he’ll be looking for win #2 at Texas. This team has been good all season long but now the mistakes are minimized that were keeping back the 48 car. At Texas Johnson has a series best 9.1 average finish and has 8 top tens in 11 career races.
+2 Jimmie Johnson
3 Clint Bowyer Clint Bowyer had a nice race at Martinsville and drove the #33 Chevy to a 5th place finish. Is Clint Bowyer a contender this year? It’s really difficult to tell because this team might be running on adrenaline right now trying to prove the critics wrong. If he can keep up the momentum then perhaps he just might be.
+2 Clint Bowyer
4 Kyle Busch Kyle Busch just hasn’t been very good at Martinsville since he moved to Joe Gibbs Racing and Sunday’s race certainly was no different. In 2008 Kyle was among the best in the series at Texas. The 18 team had finishes of 3rd and 6th at the two races at Texas last year.
-2 Kyle Busch
5 Kurt Busch Kurt Busch had a rough Martinsville race but he can’t wait to get to Texas. Atlanta is a track that is very similar to Texas and he dominated that race. If Kurt’s car at Texas is as competitive as it was at Atlanta then the field will be waving a white flag midway through the race. Kurt has always been good at Texas and he has 7 top tens in only 12 career races.
-2 Kurt Busch
6 Denny Hamlin Well my short track king from one of my previous articles has 2 top two’s in the season’s two short track races. Now Hamlin needs to start branching out more and find success at the Intermediate tracks. Texas is just the place for Hamlin to spread his wings because he has the leagues 3rd best average finish (11.6) and 5 career top tens in only 7 career races.
+2 Denny Hamlin
7 Carl Edwards Carl Edwards had a much better day at Martinsville then his finish position suggests. Oh well. Everyone has bad luck once in a while. My only concern as I stated previously is that the magic just isn’t there for the 99 team this season. Last year at Texas the 99 team won both races and led 335 laps at Texas. If the 99 team is off there game at Texas once again then their might be a problem with the 99 team
- Carl Edwards
8 Tony Stewart Tony Stewart once again overachieved with the 14 team at Martinsville. The 14 team has been competitive at times this year but has been lacking the edge to push this team over the top. This team will most likely make the Chase but something competition related is missing.
+1 Tony Stewart
9 Mark Martin Over the last two years in Martin’s semi retirement he has purposely been skipping both Martinsville and Bristol. Who would have known those would have been his best races in 2009. At Texas expect this team to easily get a top ten, but don’t be surprised if he’s battling for the win late in the race.
+1 Mark Martin
10 Matt Kenseth Matt Kenseth has basically been on an extended vacation since he last won at California. Kenseth seems to like southern border states (Florida, California) so he should feel at home in Texas where he has the series 2nd best average finish (9.1).
-4 Matt Kenseth
11 Kevin Harvick Kevin Harvick finished just outside the top ten at Martinsville but historically this has been his least successful short track. Texas is a friendly to Harvick and he’ll look to gain some momentum for the 29 team there. At Texas Harvick has an average finish of 12.8, but one stat that really stands out is that he has only led 4 career laps there.
- Kevin Harvick
12 Dale Earnhardt Jr Yes, there is a heartbeat here. With this teams new improved communication policy the sky could be the limit for this team (LOL), but why haven’t they ever tried to improve their communication before?
+2 Dale Earnhardt Jr
13 Jeff Burton Jeff Burton has now dropped down to my lucky 13th position in the Power Rankings. This team’s chances of making the Chase are on life support. Without a quick start this year and a traditional slow summer I have no clue how this team can make the Chase.
-1 Jeff Burton
14 Kasey Kahne Kasey Kahne is a driver I’ve never really trusted from a fantasy racing perspective. He’s just so erratic year to year that I think its best to just avoid him altogether. Kahne’s had some awesome races at Texas and nearly won in his first career start there. But in the totality of his career his average finish is a poor 22.2. Last year he had runs of 24th and 25th at this cookie cutter track.
-1 Kasey Kahne
15 Greg Biffle I’m a person who is full of forgiveness for drivers who under perform at times. Much of what I said about Kahne can be applied to Biffle. Many people were high on Biffle at the beginning of the year but looking back at what I wrote I included words like “scary, never know what your gonna get, inconsistent”. It really looks like all of these things are coming to fruition
- Greg Biffle