NASCAR Race Winner Statistics: Talladega Aarons 499

Kyle Busch Celebrates Win of Aarons 499 at TalladegaKyle (I refuse to call him “Wild Thing”) Busch collects his second win of the season in the Sprint Cup series and now trails series point leader (Jeff Burton) by only 22 points. As I pointed out in my Ranking the Chumps article for the Aarons 499 at Talladega, Kyle Busch wasn’t supposed to win this race based on his past statistics at Talladega Superspeedway. Over the previous six races at the track he had an average finish of 31.7 and an average points gain of 69 points per race. However, it’s a whole new career for Kyle and he’s re-writing his own record book after joining Joe Gibbs Racing. Despite those final two historical stats, Kyle’s season-to-date stats have been nothing short of phenomenal. After crunching the numbers Kyle had the 2nd highest Chump rating while teammate Tony Stewart had the highest rating.

If I were playing a fantasy racing game in my household based on our favorite drivers, then my nine year old son would be kicking my butt in the game. Carl Edwards and Kyle Busch are his two favorite drivers and so far the two of them have combined for 5 wins out of the 9 point races ran so far this year. Thankfully, these wins usually put him in a good mood come Monday morning when it’s time to go to school. Speaking of school, let’s examine the post-race Loop Data Statistics to see if Kyle took the field to school in Talladega, or if it was a Joe Gibbs Racing as a whole.

  • Starting Position = 5th
  • Mid Race Position = 31st
  • 19 Laps to Go = 1st
  • Lowest Position = 35th
  • Average Position = 18th
    Teammate Denny Hamlin had best marks in this category with a 5th place average position.
  • # of Fastest Laps = 5
  • Laps in Top 15 = 79
    Teammate Denny Hamlin had best marks in the category with 180 out of 188 laps in the top 15.
  • % of Laps in Top 15 = 42%
    Teammate Denny Hamlin had best marks in the category with 95.7%.
  • Laps Led = 12 laps.
    Teammate Tony Stewart had best marks in the category with 61 laps led.
  • % of Laps Led = 6.4%
    Teammate Tony Stewart had best marks in the category with 32.4% of laps led.
  • Final Driver Rating = 90.8
    Teammate Denny Hamlin had best marks in the category with a rating of 125.0

As you can see, it was a Joe Gibbs Racing day! Here are the final laps of the Aarons 499 which includes the wreck on the final lap. Does anyone else wonder if it took NASCAR too long to throw the yellow flag? At :49 seconds you can hear DW call out the accident happening on the track. At :54 seconds there are wrecking cars blocking the entire speedway, and still no caution. At :58 Larry McReynolds calls out that the caution has been waved. Another view is shown at 3:00 in the clip. From there you can see how long cars were wrecking before the yellow was waving. At 3:03 there were four cars up along the outside wall and at 3:22 pole sitter Joe Nemecheck was completely sideways. That would be about the equivalent of the :52 second mark earlier in the clip. Watch it, and you decide.