is bloated

“I’ve held off whipping up on a long time. After all (I’ll admit) they are my main source of daily NASCAR news.

Having used the site 1000’s of times, I’m pretty adept at finding the things I want. Each year though, they cram more marketing fluff into the site.

No video NASCAR

Track Pass is major bloat.

PLEASE. If I want to listen and watch your video, I will click the play button. Ok? Don’t make me jump up and search for the ‘stop’ button. Or, make me stop my tunes by turning off my audio everytime I come to the front page. Please do a little reading about video on websites. Please.

Then there is your navigation bar. Your roadmap to the places I want to go. Could you fit any more choices on it? They have a whopping 13 main categories in their navigation bar.

Wireless? Travel? Lifestyle? Auto Service? Members Club? with way too many links

Where do these links even take you? I don’t know and not even in the name of research am I gonna find out. I’m not sure if they keep adding more advertising because they are making so much. Or, are they increasing the advertising because they are trying to make something. Either way, without a major redesign, they will eventually lose me.

There are other racing resources out there. I just haven’t become endeared to them yet. As far as intelligent analysis goes I will always hold Marc of Full Throttle up as the ‘most intelligent guy in NASCAR blogging’. I’ll post a link to him a day just to promote him. He is informed, articulate and opinionated.

Two other groups with big dreams that I admire are the Katinger’s, et al over at Fast Machines and Bram & CJ at Backstretch Motorsports. Both groups are doing a good job at covering the racing circuits. But, for now, they are not the full deal. But I’ve got my fingers crossed for them.

I’ve got one more beef with that I’ll hold off on for now. It is a graphics intensive post as well. I’ll let these build up in your cache before laying more out.

What say you?”