OBW Experts Roundtable: Week Five

The OBW Experts will get together the day after the Sprint Cup race to discuss the hot topics of the week.

This week we chat about Bristol, the scoring system, Danica and debate how good Kyle Busch really is. We will also take a look ahead to this Sunday at Martinsville.

F1 is debating a new scoring system that will crown its champion based solely upon wins, do you think NASCAR gives enough points for checkered flags?

Eric Brewer: I think they already give enough points to winners by giving 10 bonus points at the start of the Chase. If they gave any more Kyle Busch might not have blown his lead last year.

James Jones: When I saw the proposed F1 scoring system, I thought the same thing as Kevin Harvick, “the most ridiculous idea I have ever heard.” I think NASCAR’s points break down is very good. They recently started giving the winner more points and I’m good with the spread between first and second place points. If I ran NASCAR, I would award points for the pole.

Ryan Rantz: I don’t think the Cup series awards enough points to race winners. I think the winner should earn a nice solid 200 points for the win. The 200 points shouldn’t be dependent upon any other variables, like laps led, and be the guaranteed value.

Eric McClung: I like the idea of bonus points for winning poles and the flat 200 points for a victory. If I could make any adjustments, perhaps winners of the Chase events should get some extra points to give them an edge on the competition or get closer to the leader. By the way, if NASCAR had awarded championships by wins alone, Dale Earnhardt would go from seven titles to two.

Kyle Busch has now won a race in at least one of NASCAR’s top three series every weekend this season. In your opinion, when it comes to pure talent, where does Busch rank among the best in motorsports?

Mike Maruska: I still rank him behind Danica. You said pure modeling talent right?

James Jones: For me, as a Kyle Busch fan, it’s still entirely way too early to be ranking him as some sort of legend in motorsports. Is he the brightest star now? Absolutely! I just think he needs a few more years and a couple championships to make sure he’s not just a shooting star.

Ryan Rantz: I don’t think it’s possible to be able to rank Kyle Busch among the best in motorsports because he hasn’t tried his hand at enough of them. The Nationwide Series and Camping World Truck Series are not premier motorsports. I don’t ever see it as a big deal when a Cup driver goes down to the lower ranks and wins. If fact, they should be embarrassed if they don’t win. From a talent standpoint, you can’t even call him the best in Cup series.

The Goody’s Fast Pain Relief 500 at Martinsville is up next. Jimmie Johnson was won four of the last five races there. Coming off a third-place finish at Bristol, do you consider Johnson the early favorite for Sunday?

James Jones: Martinsville is Jimmie and Jeff Gordon’s sandbox. They are going to be all over the NASCAR media this week as the favorites to win. I’m going with Jeff over Jimmie though, and you can read about why here. That being said, I expect Hamlin to make a good effort to pee in their sandbox.

Eric Brewer: Now that you mention it, I suppose so. I am very surprised that a Chevy hasn’t been to victory lane yet. I will be looking for Jimmie to make his way there this week.