OBW Experts Roundtable: Week Six

The OBW Experts will get together the day after the Sprint Cup race to discuss the hot topics of the week.

This week we chat about the great action at Martinsville, everyone hating on Kyle Busch and ask where all the short tracks have gone.

After a relatively quiet race at Bristol, we got physical, half-mile racing this week at Martinsville. It’s a shame we’ve got to wait so long for another short track. Would you like to see another short track added to the schedule or perhaps space the half-mile tracks out differently?

James Jones: I’m a big fan of the original NASCAR tracks in the South, especially the shorter ones. So, if it would mean less racing at Auto Club Speedway and Pocono, then YES!

Ryan Rantz: I love short tracks. I wish NASCAR would abandon some cookie-cutter tracks and bring in some other shorter tracks like O’Reilly Raceway Park at Indianapolis into the mix. Short tracks are all about the driver and the 1.5-mile tracks are mostly about the equipment.

Mike Maruska: It proves that a) Martinsville is a good track and b) the CoT works when there are zero aerodynamics involved.

Eric McClung: I also enjoy the short tracks a lot. In the 80’s, a lot of the new ballparks built in Major League Baseball were built with symmetrical dimensions. Like the 1.5-mile tracks in NASCAR, they lacked character and ultimately became boring. Although it would be nearly impossible with the economy being what it is, I’d like to see some of these tracks get redesigned into unique venues.

Among the races thus far, this one seemed to have the most action up front. Would you say this was the best race of this early season?

Darren Fauth: It was good racing for sure. Definitely better than last week’s Bristol race. Sadly, I think we have lost that track. Two lanes of racing at a short track = boring. It was nice to see that at Martinsville you still have to bump ‘em out of the way.

James Jones: You know, seeing Jeff, Denny and Jimmie leading most of the race might make one think it was more of the same-old same-old. However, I do think it was the best race of the year so far. We had pre-race favorites Denny and Jimmie going at it for the lead; battling for sixth we had Newman and Martin who came up from far back in the field. Top it all off with great runs by Allmendinger, Ambrose, McMurray, and Reutimann. It was refreshing!

I was starting to think the haters were starting to call off the dogs on Kyle Busch a little bit, but after hearing the boos during his introduction and seeing the crowd jump out of their seats to watch him spin out– I was wrong. Can Kyle ever turn folks around or do you think he relishes being the bad guy too much?

Ryan Rantz: I think Kyle Busch couldn’t be happier. He enjoys taunting the fans. I know he’s got plenty of fans here because last year there was a Kyle Busch competition on this site and I did my best to heckle him but people consistently stood up for him, so Kyle has already turned people.

Darren Fauth: I think that Kyle will forever receive the boos. I did an ‘unscientific’ study of Cheers and Jeers at Texas Motor Speedway in 2006. Kyle Busch only got boos on that day. I think people will continue to hate Kyle through his career. He will ultimately end his career as one of the greatest anti-heroes of NASCAR if his winning ways continue through his career.

Mike Maruska: I wish people cared less about WWE-type drama and wanting to draw these lines of good and bad.”