Official BBQ Sauce of NASCAR Racing

Apple BBQ Sauce on Grilled Chicken

The Official BBQ Sauce™ of NASCAR this weekend is Apple BBQ Sauce. I say this weekend, because there’s a chance it will get replaced by next weekends entry. Bear with me as I briefly explain how this great sponsorship came about.

I think routine is a good thing. My mind takes comfort in knowing that no matter how crazy things may get during the week, I will indeed be brought back to ‘center’ with the familiarity and pleasure of the routine that is my weekend.

I don’t keep a calendar. I couldn’t make a dental appointment with certainty for 6 months from now. My days are dictated by whatever action is deemed most important. But, ask my wife or girls what I’m doing 1, 10 or 49 Sunday’s from now and they’ll all tell you the same thing:

  • I’ll be watching the NASCAR race
  • I’ll be cooking out on the grill

A few days ago, I got an email from Chef Jason Warren. He had put my free NASCAR Widgets on his website. Interestingly enough, his site is called Smoke Stack Jacks, and surely warranted an immediate visit. Among other things, Jason has some great looking recipes on his web site.

Since my darling wife starts to sweat at the mere glance of a pepper, I had to bypass the Chipotle BBQ Sauce & Cola BBQ Sauce recipes and try out the Apple BBQ Sauce. My daughter mixed what was looking like a vile concoction in a large bowl and I liberally slathered it on my grilling chicken during its last few minutes over the flames. It was a great hit! My wife gave it a 10 out of 10 rating, and she swore it wasn’t just because it’s Father’s Day (which I wish a ‘happy one’ to all).

Jason has other recipes ranging from Mexican Cornbread to Sweet Potato Pie to Falling Chocolate Cake. He’s even got a few meat Rubs and something he calls Mojo. My weekly routine of grilling is going to take on a whole new flavor for the rest of the summer. I bottled my remaining Apple BBQ sauce for my wife’s chicken next weekend. For me though, it’s gonna be Chipotle. Thanks Jason”