Official NASCAR Mulligan Chart

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Official NASCAR 2006 ‘Chase For The Nextel Cup’ Mulligan Chart
Week Driver Mulligan Race Finish Pre-Race Post-Race
#1 Kyle Busch Sylvania 300 38th 4th 10th
#1 Jimmie Johnson Sylvania 300 39th 2nd 9th
#2 Kevin Harvick Dover 400 35th 1st 5th
#2 Kasey Kahne Dover 400 38th 8th 9th
#2 Kyle Busch Dover 400 40th 10th 10th
#3 Kasey Kahne Banquet 400 33rd 9th 10th
#3 Jeff Gordon Banquet 400 39th 2nd 6th
#4 Jeff Burton UAW Ford 400 27th 1st 1st
#4 Jeff Gordon UAW Ford 400 36th 6th 7th
#5 Jeff Gordon Bank of America 500 24th 7th 10th
#5 Denny Hamlin Bank of America 500 28th 5th 6th
#5 Mark Martin Bank of America 500 30th 3rd 4th
#6 Jeff Burton Subway 500 42nd 1st 5th
#7 Kyle Busch Bass Pro Shops 500 27th 10th 10th
#7 Kevin Harvick Bass Pro Shops 500 31st 2nd 6th
#7 Mark Martin Bass Pro Shops 500 36th 7th 8th
#7 Kasey Kahne Bass Pro Shops 500 38th 8th 9th
#8 Kasey Kahne Dickies 500 33rd 9th 10th
#8 Jeff Burton Dickies 500 38th 4th 7th

Like clockwork the past three NASCAR seasons, a peculiar word gets mentioned quite a bit. You might even find yourself talking to your race pals about it.

It’s the word MULLIGAN.

A mulligan generally means a minor blunder which is allowed to pass unnoticed or without consequence. You can read more about the origin of the term ‘mulligan’ at wikipedia.

Since the 2006 Chase For The Nextel Cup started with Mulligans, I decided to make an ‘Official NASCAR Mulligan Chart’. I’ll keep it stuck to the top of the NASCAR blog through the end of the 2006 NASCAR race season.

How bad a finish is a Mulligan?

The biggest question which I’d certainly like input on is: How bad a finish constitutes a Mulligan?

Nextel Cup Champion Mulligans

Tony Stewart‘s worst finish in the last 10 of 2005 was 25th. All his other finishes were top 20.
Kurt Busch‘s worst finish in the last 10 of 2004 was 42nd. All his other finishes were top 10.

For the sake of this chart, I’m going to count a finish of 25th or worse as a Mulligan.”