OnebadWheel v3.0

“Well. After my long hiatus from blogging (okay, ranting) about NASCAR, I am once again ready to unleash my deft wit and sarcasm. Methinks I may be delusional.

Actually, Onebadwheel v3.0 is close to complete. I’ve been whipping out my finest PHP & MySQL code to really unleash the potential of the NASCAR statistics that I’ve been pumping into the database. I’m really looking forward to unveiling it in about 2 weeks.

BTW…woohoo for Terry Labonte! Those were a few tense last laps. I could just see him taking a shot from Ryan Newman and getting spun around.

And, I echo Antonette, I sure hope Jeffy boy gets a pre-nup.

Plus, thank God that FOX only has one more race left to broadcast. I missed like 3 out of 5 races at one point since I am FX-less. Bring on NBC and TNT. I’ll even endure TNT’s endless self-promotion like a trooper to be able to see the races every week.”