Race 36 of 36

“Remember back in March, April & May how we were watching race 3, 9 or even 12 of 36?

Felt like summer vacation did when I was a kid. When summer vacation was a ‘vacation’, not the short respite today’s kids get. The 2005 NASCAR season was still fresh. Reaching race 36 of 36 seemed blissfully an eternity away.

All good things…

So, I found myself not speeding through all the commercials (love my DVR) during Sunday’s race in Homestead. I knew it was the last time to see the 30-something women oogle Kasey Kahne and knock down the pole. I lamented the end of a racing era that included Rusty and Ricky. And, I fantasized it just might be Bill Weber’s last broadcast.

I didn’t cry. But the race held emotion.

Carl Edwards was just 12 points away from Tony Stewart at one point. How crazy is that? Both Johnson & Stewart missed some close calls. Johnson (despite actually finishing the season in 5th) seems like the new NASCAR bridesmaid.

Congrats to Tony on a deserved championship. He wasn’t who I was rooting for, but I was satisfied nonetheless.

There are alot of things in the works for the ‘off-season’ around here. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and we keep talking racing all the way until February.

PS. Was Scott Stapp’s rendition of the National Anthem horrid or what? I used to love Creed. Jeesh, what a joke he was.”