RCR Crew Chief now with Staubach-Aikman

Phillipe Lopez
Quick. Recognize this guy? Yeah, me either.

He’s Philippe Lopez and he’s been crew chiefin’ for quite a while. His most recent gig was with Dave Blaney at Richard Childress Racing. Before that he has been with Steve Park, Ron Hornaday, Rick Mast, Darrell Waltrip, Hut Stricklin and Kenny Wallace.

Word is he’s been tapped by the new we-were-rich-quarterbacks-and-now-we-want-to-race duo of Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman. Staubach-Aikman, as you’ve probably heard, are planning a Nextel Cup team for 2006.

Since I’m a Fort Worth boy, I have high hopes for the pair’s venture into stock car racing. I hope their status lands them a good sponsor and they fare well. My pessimistic slant though, sees them running about as well as Haas (#0), PPI (#32) or BAM (#49). Their previous success on the field doesn’t mean a hill-of-beans against the big racing comglomerates (aka Roush & Hendrick.)”