Red Bull Sprouting NASCAR Wings

team red bull brian vickersWatching Brian Vickers & A J Allmendinger in Chasing Sunday: The Race to the Cup before the pre-race show was interesting.

My opinion towards Allmendinger prior to the show was leaning towards cynicism. He’s wrecked everytime he’s gotten on the track at Daytona. Then Team Red Bull’s failure to make the Daytona 500 only compounded those thoughts.

I honestly don’t know anything about him or his Champ Car days. Didn’t even know what a Champ Car was for sure. I’ve learned it looks like the IRL cars, but nothing beyond that.

What struck me was how likable Vickers and Allmendinger are. These guys are young, good-looking and hungry. As the faces of Red Bull in NASCAR I think they are perfect for the demographic.

The show really won me over with the various photo shoots in New York City. One with the Red Bull boys sporting black leather jackets in a dark building entryway, the other with Vickers skillfully spinning circles in the Brooklyn streets.

Brian Vickers made an excellent decision to jump from the Hendrick stable. He was destined to be the low man on the totem pole for years to come. Joining with Red Bull and Toyota is his chance at being a NASCAR superstar.”