Roush Racing: Driver X

“I caught Roush Racing: Driver X tonight on Discovery Channel. I think it was on last season also, right? So, I guess I’m a little behind the curve.
Jack Roush
Driver X is ‘American Idol’ for racing. Pick your favorite driver and root along at home as Jack Roush et al searches for the next great driving sensation (not sure why, since they’ll have fewer teams). Anyways, I’ve read that Roush has been doing this since 1985. They affectionately call it ‘The Roush Racing Gong Show’.

Starting with almost 2,000 drivers, they narrow it down to just a handful. Tonight’s episode had (I think) 9 drivers racing around Darlington Raceway in Craftsman Truck Series trucks. Carl Edwards & Greg Biffle were the Roush drivers helping out.

It was a pretty interesting show. I think I was most amazed at the operation that Jack Roush has built. The track rental, the trucks, the crews, the tires, the time. Big bucks.

I would love to see Jack Roush in the Sprint / Nextel commercial talking about ‘Sticking it to the man.’ That’s some funny stuff.”