Rusty Wallace is Mr. Optimism

Rusty Wallace post wreck interview


Rusty Wallace is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Again. Third week in a row with a terrible finish. His last five weeks have been mostly dismal.

  • Talladega: 25th
  • Kansas: 7th
  • Lowes: 24th
  • Martinsville: 19th
  • Atlanta: 37th

My Take:

You may hate Rusty. You could say he whines too much about other drivers. But, ultimately, he is a great optimist.

I met Rusty at a Miller Brewery shindig a few years ago. I scored the limited invite tickets for free from a friend. I figured I could at least snag an autograph to sell on eBay.

Prior to that night, my opinion of Rusty wasn’t real high. But, that event changed things for me. He was a nice guy. Personable. And, at least made me feel like he meant his handshake, smile and greeting.

Whining aside (Rusty’s not mine) you got to admit that he always will put a positive spin on things. I’ll be sad to see him go.”