Silly Season Update: Logano’s Run

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The 1976 sci-fi movie Logan’s Run was a story about a futuristic society that prized youth more than anything. So prized in fact, that anyone over 30 was euthanized.

Joe Gibbs Racing’s 2009 driver lineup has a similar theme. Not that they sent Tony Stewart out to pasture, but if any team can cope with losing a two-time Cup champion it’s Gibbs.

Logano Is Better Than Some Cup Drivers
Joey Logano has been known by NASCAR fans since he was 15.

Mark Martin claimed at that time that he was already a better driver than some Cup drivers.

After crushing at all the lower levels of stock car racing and scoring a win in half of a Nationwide season, Logano is apparently ready for the big time. He will hop into the #20 car with arguably the greatest rookie expectations ever.

He inherits all of the elements of a championship team including crew chief Greg Zipadelli, and big sponsorship from Home Depot. When you factor in Logano’s success at every level to date, it’s easy to see why there’s the expectation for Logano to pick up where Stewart leaves off.

Can Logano Really Win At The Cup Level?
Logano is obviously talented, but can he really be expected to make the Chase and compete for multiple wins in his first season?

Based on how well Gibbs cars have run this season it’s easy to assume the good times will keep rolling, but NASCAR is a cyclical sport. Gibbs was good in 2007 but struggled to win races while Hendrick cars dominated. Now the two teams have swapped places in 2008. It’s almost certain that other teams will catch up to Gibbs in 2009. Logano could have a spectacular season by normal rookie standards, go winless like Tony Stewart in ’08 and some people will still deem the season a disappointment.

No matter what happens, Logano’s promotion to the Cup scene at age 18 is one of the biggest stories of the season and will be closely followed next year regardless of his success.

What Do You Think?

  • Is the hype warranted?
  • Where do you see Logano finishing in 2009?
  • Can he win multiple races?
  • Can he make the Chase?

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