Steve’s Jet Lagged Infineon Post Race Questions

“I’m passing along these thoughts from our resident Stats Whiz, Steve, who writes the NASCAR predicted finishes column.

How must Mark Martin’s crew feel after he offered to hop in the 24’s ride if his friend Jeff Gordon had his first child? On the surface, Martin’s offer seemed generous and just what you would expect from a classy guy like him. But wait. Martin could still make the Chase if he ran the full schedule the rest of the way. His crew likely would love the excitement of competing in the playoffs in their first season together. If Martin did not want to run the race under any circumstance, fine. But he’ll run it for his friend but not lay it out there for his team?

Also, this week’s penalties to Gordon and Johnson might send warnings signs to Dale Jr.


Well, if Hendrick is all one team, and some engineers on either the 24 or 48 teams found an improvement to the car, why didn’t the 5 or 25 teams find out about it and get to use it? Anybody?

Maybe Hendrick was going to experiment with the new design on two of its four cars. Maybe. Or, maybe there really are two sets of teams at Hendrick, the elite garage and the step-children?”