Survivor Daytona 500

Survivor NASCARNASCAR. The ultimate reality show.

Survivor doesn’t come close to the controversy, division and name calling that NASCAR racing generates among its fans. Or, some would challenge, that NA$CAR generates among its fans.

The Diecast Dude (one of the more respected voices of reason…unlike myself) rants in his Nice Job NASCAR post, “Congratulations, NASCAR. You’ve done it again. Once again you’ve managed to pull a complete boner…”

While on the other side of the island Vroom! is bringing the Harvick love and a photo to prove it!

At the end of the day, the challenge over, the losing tribe is at tribal counsel and Mark Martin is voted out. Nothing personal, just part of the game of NASCAR.

And like Jeff Probst, we have Marc (the smartest man in NASCAR blogging) to give us perspective until the next show in his 2007 Daytona 500 post.

And what is my take? Wish Martin had won. Wish Harvick could have let up. Wish Martin hadn’t bobbled twice on that final stretch. A caution would have saved my disastrous day in the fantasy racing leagues. Glad Clint Bowyer’s car flipped back on its wheels for him to safely get out. Looking forward to California.”