Talladega Is Smooth My Butt

Dale Jr fans litter the track at Talladega

Caution For Debris On The Front Stretch

Why so much trash on the front stretch at Talladega? Car debris from the final lap crash?

I wonder what is the hot topic this week in NASCAR?

Brian Vickers first NASCAR Nextel Cup victory. Right?

To the non-NASCAR-ish among us, that’s not a loaded question. Those watching the UAW Ford 400 at Talladega Superspeedway, it’s The Big One™.

I’m not a Brian Vickers fan. I don’t root for him nor against him. I could usually care less where he finishes.

Short Trip To Victory Lane

It’s neat to see a driver score their first victory. Not much television coverage for Vickers win. Just a glimpse of his victory burnout and a quick victory lane interview. Maybe it was all the Earnhardt lemmings chanting “Bulls**t, bulls**t” in the background that kept us from seeing more.

Brian Vickers has been attempting this win for many races. We all knew it was coming, after one 2nd place and three 3rd place finishes last year. His consistancy of only 13 DNF’s in 107 NASCAR races is also great.

So what happened today? The kid, as Tony Eury Jr. said, “Got a little excited.” Vickers says he can enjoy this victory. I think the next one is much sweeter though.

Your Not On My Team, Mate.

There is already more Vickers-hating at the RHM camp. We endured Jeffy’s ‘he’s not much of a teammate’ speil about Vickers racing him hard a few weeks ago. Now, the forever whining Jimmie Johnson (who thank God is not my wife). He obviously has forgotten how many wrecks he has caused at the Superspeedways. He forgot about the time he had to say he was sorry.

The self-righteous Jimmie Johnson says about the wreck, “It’s absolutely uncalled for, completely out of line, I’m racing for a championship, okay? The only way to win (the race) was to crash us both.”

He further elaborates with his sage wisdom, “I don’t think he meant to do it, but he did it. He shouldn’t even think about putting any of us in that situation. It’s ridiculous.”

As if Jimmie has not said enough, little Chad Knaus has to pipe in as well. Of course this ‘just-push-the-envelope’ crew chief knows all about talent. Thinks he knows it like he knows shock absorbers. “It wasn’t bad judgment, it was lack of talent,” Knaus said. “I just don’t think he has the talent to understand what he has underneath him.”

Step back, cause I’m gonna puke.

What do you think? Vickers a no-talent? Johnson a whiney baby? That’s just hard racin’?

As for me, I can’t wait until NASCAR ’08 comes out for ps2. I’m looking forward to driving that smooth as glass new surface Talladega is sportin’.”