Texas Trucks Take Two

Clint Bowyer in Craftsman Truck at Texas Motor Speedway
Tonight was NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series qualifying at Texas Motor Speedway for round 2 of NASCAR racing in the Lone Star State. I sat with my father, brother, nephew and several hundred other people watching the boys (and girl) of the CTS speed around the track.

It is the coldest night so far this fall season, about 50 degrees. A bit nippy for a Texas boy (even if I did grow up in the Ohio snowbelt.)

I finally decided to shuck off my tightwad ways and rent a Track Scan scanner for the entire weekend. At $37.89 for the four days I’ll be using it, I’m embarrassed to have not ponied up the cash years ago. Just listening in during tonights qualifying brought a new level of insight and enjoyment to the experience. All the drivers (except for Matt Crafton’s “f’ing piece of s%$*” tirade) said the track had alot of grip and the pedal was to the floor all the way around.

Those words give me hope for a great weekend. Clint Bowyer even set a new track record for the Craftsman Trucks.

We’ll be at Busch and Cup qualifying tomorrow midday. The CTS race tomorrow night. The Busch race on Saturday. The Cup race on Sunday. I’m already dreading the traffic out of there on Sunday. But, having been set straight by Marc this time last year, I think I will stick out all 500 miles.”