The Busch & McMurray Contract Drama

“Where does ‘One Bad Wheel’ weigh-in on the Kurt Busch and Jamie McMurray contract disputes? Do you care? (cut me slack, jack). Roush and Ganassi should release these guys to drive in their new rides for the 2006 season.

Every man for himself

C’mon now. Kurt Busch and Jamie McMurray have got to look out for themselves. These fat cat owners have more money than they know what to do with. Sure, Busch and McMurray are making a heckofa lot more than Bubba Stevens down at the local track, but Nascar has become a cashcow.


NASCAR’s surging popularity in the last few years has brought unbelievable amounts of revenue to the France family. Brian France has propelled the NASCAR brand to uncharted heights. From the signing of the Nextel sponsorship to the ‘Race for the Chase’ concept, he is a marketing genius. Bill France Jr. is worth $1.3 billion and ranked #507 on Forbes list of the World’s richest people. So, should a NASCAR driver settle for anything less than the most money he can possibly get? Busch and McMurray are both currently bound by long-term development contracts. The money they signed up for and their current earning capacity just don’t jibe.

What’s good for the goose…

Owners don’t get flack for firing their non-performing (contracted) drivers. Look at Jason Leffler, Sterling Marlin, Ricky Craven, Steve Park, Jeff Green, Ward Burton. The list could go on and on. If a driver has his job only as long as he is winning or in the Top 10, why shouldn’t the owner be subject to the same requirements in regards to pay?

Let ‘em go

Besides the absurdity of having 1-year interim drivers in the #2 and #6. We all want to see just how these boys will do in two of the most famous cars around. Let ‘em race in 2006. Don’t make us wait another whole year.”