The Cingular Nextel Sponsorship Solution

holographic image
I was just reading the latest on the quandary that Richard Childress Racing is in over the Cingular and AT&T merger. I think I may have the solution.

If this little sponsorship issue isn’t on your radar, here it is in a nutshell.

  • Pre-season 2004, Nextel buys into a 10-year contract with NASCAR for $700 million to sponsor the NASCAR Cup series.
  • Nextel wants to ban any cellular phone rivals from sponsoring NASCAR events or teams.
  • Alltel & Cingular are ‘grandfathered’ and allowed to continue their exisiting sponsorship of the #12 & #31.
  • Cingular and AT&T merge with the intention of phasing out the Cingular name in favor of AT&T

As pointed out in the AP article “Under normal circumstances, that wouldn’t be a problem. The team would just slap a few shiny new logos on the car and hit the track.”

Well, of course not so fast. Nextel ‘outlawed’ that.

The Solution

You know those little holographic cards you used to get in Cracker Jack? The ones which show the image in one position at one angle and a different position at another angle.

That’s how they ought to deck out Jeff Burton’s ride. Kind of be like a subliminal sponsorship.

Now it shows ‘Cingular’…woops…now it shows ‘AT&T’. Whoa. Now it’s ‘Cingular’ again.

I mean c’mon. What was the agreement made for anyways? Don’t like a little competition? What’s a matter Nextel? You Skeered?

It’s kind of ironic that Nextel and Sprint merged into Sprint-Nextel. Although, we truly don’t know what the future holds in their name and ultimately the NASCAR series, do we?”