Tips for Naming Your Fantasy NASCAR Team

“Naming your fantasy NASCAR team can be a real pain in the buttocks [thank you Forrest Gump]. You want something cool, clever and unique that makes your team stand out from the other teams.

Unfortunatley, coming up with a name for your team could be as difficult as getting the name you want for a new e-mail address or registering that most awesome domain name you had your heart set on [ is available, in case you were wondering!].

While a search on for “baby name books” will yield 2,697 results, I don’t think any of those books will help you name your “baby” for the 2009 fantasy NASCAR season. That’s right, the season is 9 months — mid February to mid November – so your fantasy team is your “baby.” Below are just a few tips for naming your fantasy NASCAR team.

What message do you want to send?

What sort of feeling or presence do you want your team’s name to impart. Do you want a name that is amusing, serious, or one that is meant to intimidate your fantasy competition? Do you wish to honor an icon of the sport? Or perhaps you don’t care what other players get from your name and merely want a cryptic name or one that has meaning only to you and your friends.

  • A Serious Name: Many team names include such terms as “Motorsports,” “Racing,” or “Enterprises.” You can combine one of those with either your initials, last name, or perhaps the area in which you live. As an example, I use Foothills Racing” here in the OneBadWheel Fantasy games. I chose that name in part because I live in the foothills of South Carolina, and because I was too lazy to put much more thought into it than that.
  • An Amusing Name: Face it, either you have jokester DNA or you don’t. Not everyone can be the last comic standing. No doubt you will come across some amusing names when you scan across the latest fantasy race results. If your funny bone is broken, scan such lists for ideas of your own. I also found that sites such as had some very amusing names. Here are some examples: “e-LEMON-ators,” “Wrecking Crew,” and “The Cereal Killers.
  • An Intimidating Name: Include words or iconic figures that symbolize strength, prominence, dominance or strong character. Some suggestions would include words such as: Almighty, Wicked, Invincible, King, Great, or Fighting.
  • A Name to Honor: Perhaps you want to honor your favorite driver or pay tribute to an iconic figure of the sport. The obvious choice is to use their name, nickname and/or car number in your team’s name. For example, 3ARNHARDT FAN FOR3V3R.
  • A Cryptic Name: A cryptic name could be used when either you don’t care if other players understand your team name, or if only those who know you will understand it. Perhaps you have a nickname at work that can make up part of your team name. Another option for a cryptic name would be to use an anagram. Creating anagram teams are so fun I did a couple examples for you:
    Tony Stewart = So Wet Tyrant
    Carl Edwards = Crawler Dads
    Best Race Team = Team Tree Scab

Gather Your Crayons and Paper!

Now that you’ve come up with a goal it’s time to gather your tools and do some research. A dictionary, thesaurus, Internet access, and your trusty crayons and paper are the essential tools you’ll need.

writing list of name ideas To begin, know thine enemy. Scan other fantasy games for the list of teams playing and write down names you like. Use the dictionary and thesaurus to find related words that you may also use.

Next is the easy part, brainstorming. Take 15-30 minutes and create a list of every name idea that comes to mind. Put them on your list even if you immediately decide you wouldn’t use it. Once you have your list it’s time to prioritize the names with the most potential. Go down your list and rank each name from best to worst on a scale of 1 to 3. Cross out the worst names and go over the list again.

Once you’re down to 3-5 names then you should have something good to work with. Do you see “the name” or do you need to do some more research and brainstorming? Is one of the names listed full of potential, but just not perfect yet? If so, pull it out and work on that one some more.

Change the order of the words around or maybe add one of the “intimidating” words to the name. Alternatively, tweak it by mixing and matching related words from the thesaurus. You may think Bud Car Fan” is pretty good, but after consulting the thesaurus you end up with a list of words to replace “fan” with, such as “Addict, Aficionado, or Freak.” In the end your team name may become Bud Car Zealot.”

If all else fails and you want the quick and easy method, OneBadWheel offers the Team Name Generator.

Register to Play!

When it’s all done, hopefully you had a little fun coming up with your team name. Not only do you want to dominate the other fantasy teams in game play, but you want your team name to look good when it’s wrote on that fat 4′ long giant check they use during the awards ceremony photo op at the end of the fantasy NASCAR game! Seriously, you really don’t want to see Team Fuzzy Pickles” on that check, do you?

Finally, head over to the OneBadWheel Fantasy games section and register your new team in our three FREE fantasy NASCAR games!

So, do you have any good tips to share for naming your fantasy NASCAR team?”