Top Ten Reasons the Kyle Busch Team Has Imploded

an unhappy kyle buschKyle Busch has taken quite a bit of criticism for his perceived attitude after posting poor finishes in each of the first three Chase races. Of course Kyle has quickly grown accustomed to the criticism. But honestly, after the surprising season the #18 team has had throughout the first 26 races, who wouldn’t be dejected and disheartened? I honestly believe that most of the drivers in the Cup garage would also be quite depressed if they were having Kyle’s Chase season after the season he had to get into the Chase.

His last three races were finishes of 36th at New Hampshire, 43rd at Dover, and 27th at Kansas. The team actually lucked out with the 27th at Kansas as it looked like it was going to be far worse than that. The three finishes of 27th or worse have combined to give him an average finish of 35th for the Chase races. To put that into perspective, the team only had five finishes outside the top fifteen all season long. One of which was a 17th at the Spring Bristol race. Also, these three races are the first time this season that Kyle has gone more than two consecutive races without a top five finish!

Even more surprising, and surely a thorn in the side of the anti-Kyle Klan, is that the poor finishes have NOT been a result of some sort of “wreckers-or-checkers” type mentality by Busch. Rather, it’s been mechanical issues that Kyle has found himself strapped to. So I’ve put together a Top Ten list to explain how it’s not Kyle’s fault.

Top 10 Reasons The #18 Team Has Imploded

  • #10 Just like on a package of M&Ms, there is an expiration date on Kyle’s Toyotas.
  • #9 The Coke associates have been talking to Kyle.
  • #8 Since Tony Stewart is leaving the JGR organization, he has been picking out all of the orange M&Ms and throwing them in the trash.
  • #7 To help fund Michael Waltrip Racing, Toyota has insisted that Steve Addington get his parts from NAPA. Unfortunately, Ron Capps is Addington’s sales rep..
  • #6 Home Depot has been filming the second commercial in this new series. The new commercial features Tony Stewart and Joey Logano working in the #18 car’s shop.
  • #5 NASCAR didn’t believe Steve Addington when he told them the #18 car was indeed held together mostly with magnets.
  • #4 GameStop has provided Joey Logano with his very own NASCAR Fan Controller.
  • #3 Steve Addington has been testing chocolate covered parts. Hey, it worked with peanuts!
  • #2 Somone in Jr. Nation actually has a working voodoo doll.
  • and the #1 Reason the #18 team has imploded….
    “M&Ms. They Melt in the Chase, Not in Your Hands.

Be sure to reply with any other “reasons the #18 team has imploded” that you can think of.