Trackside at Texas Motor Speedway

Texas Motor Speedway logo with Thanks Terry
We spent about 10 hours at Texas Motor Speedway yesterday. Watched NASCAR Nextel Cup and Busch Series qualifying. Plus, the Craftsman Series truck race.

Qualifying Reports

The Roush teams really struggled. Jamie McMurray’s qualifying lap was a disgrace. I didn’t hear why it was so bad, but it mirrors his season.

The temperature at the track was cold and half the track was in shade once qualifying got underway. Right out of the shoot, the first 7 qualifiers got faster one after another. All the drivers are still talking about how much grip the track has.

It was really interesting to note which drivers garnered cheers from the crowd. Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jimmie Johnson and Elliott Sadler all recieved mostly positive reaction from their fans. Kasey Kahne had all the women standing up with hands in the air. Pointing at his car and mouthing words of adoration. They really went crazy when he got the pole. The track was completely in shade by this time.

Out rolls Brian Vickers. I was thinking he might lay down a fast lap since Johnson and Gordon both qualified well. Then, the pessimistic side of me thought that surely he is getting low quality cars from the shop. Wasn’t the case. The kid laid down a lap that I think was almost over 1/10th second faster than his competition.

Truck Race

The truck race was good. I wish I owned some warm clothing though. :) It was really chilly. I was rooting for Johnny Benson, who was running in the top 5 most of the night, and then something happened and he eventually took it behind the wall. Bummer.

Clint Bowyer was super strong all night long. I thought that Kyle Busch might have something for him on the final GWC restart since Kyle had been blazing fast the first few laps of the previous restarts. But, nothin’ doin’. Bowyer held him off and won the race.

Back to the track

I’m running out right now to go watch final practice and then the Busch Series race. Lots of Bushwhackers running. I reckon’ it will be a good time.”