Waltrip-ism’s Auto Club 500

darrell waltrip quotesDarrell Waltrip is good for quotes every time he’s close to a microphone.

And, while I could go without hearing “Boogity, Boogity, Boogity” ever again, his fresh comments are blogworthy for sure.

Here’s a couple of Waltripisms from the Auto Club 500 at California:

Back in my day we raced for checkered flags not yellow flags.

Patience and Kyle Busch do not go together.

I’m gonna (try to) add it to my race watching duties to immortalize the words of ol’ DW for future generations of NASCAR fans. I just hope it doesn’t result in eternal damnation.

Bear with me the next few weeks as I try to include Waltrip-ism’s in the blog and let’s see if he doesn’t get somebody’s ire up.”