Welcome Shrub Welcome To The Machine

kyle buschI wonder how much of a butt chewin’ Kyle Busch got over his Kanye West style ‘I can’t stand to drive them. This car sucks.’ comment after winning the first COT race at Bristol last week?

I thought it was ‘suspect’ when Jimmie Johnson claimed ignorance to teammate Kyle’s post-race comments earlier this week on ESPN’s NASCAR Now.

Right, Jimmie. Whatever.

I’d bet that ‘this car sucks’ was the catch-phrase with the boys in the Hendrick Motorsports shop all week long. I’ve no doubt that Mr. H had a ‘fatherly’ talk with Kyle, encouraging him to continue listening to his Denis Waitley ‘Psychology of Winning’ tapes.

So, what does Kyle have to say this week at Martinsville? I just caught a snippet of interview during the 2nd practice session and young shrub (with his new Menard-chin styling) wasn’t nearly as critical of the COT. Even said that it ‘does have good forward bite.’

I’m not sure whether to consider it good that young pup Busch is learning to be more politically correct or consider it sad that the ‘Machine’ keeps drivers from speaking their mind even when we don’t want to hear it. For all of us that are pissed…oops, our age is showing.

“Welcome my son. Welcome to the machine.” (Pink Floyd)

Update: Jimmy Spencer just got a little jab at Kyle on NASCAR Race Day. “Think about this. Michael Waltrip’s gone home. Paul Menard. Kevin LePage. I believe that they would want to change positions with you. Do you ever think about that Kyle?”