Whack Me Baby One More Time

Kurt BuschThe Buschwhackers.
I’m not sure of the official definition for ‘Buschwhacker’. I think it’s severity and impact differs among race fans.

That picture over there is of a Busch Whacker. Here is a Bush-Whacker. For your party you can get a Daiquiri Whacker. I’ve used plenty of good ol’ Weed Whackers. And, of course (EDITOR: Don’t do it Fauth) there is the (EDITOR: I’m warning you!) NASCAR Pud Whacker (EDITOR: You’re depraved).

I guess my loose understanding of the term is defined by the fact that in any given Busch race, 8 of the top 10 spots are usually filled by Nextel Cup regulars. I know there have always been the caring souls that fret over the <sarcasm>BIG MONEY</sarcasm> in the Busch Series going to already well funded teams.

My bottom line had always been this: If I’m gonna go sit and watch the Busch Series race around my favorite cookie-cutter then I want to root for my favorite drivers. The ones I know from the Cup Series. It does make the Saturday race more exciting.

Would I love to see a Busch regular win the race? Yes.

Do I think that there should be a limit on the number of races a Cup regular can run in the Busch Series? Yes.

Back in the day…a few years ago. I remember getting pretty excited about some up and coming Busch Series drivers:

  • Martin Truex Jr…eehh, not so much…after all, he is Jr’s boy (2004, 2005 1st)
  • Clint Bowyer (2005 2nd)
  • Kyle Busch (2004 2nd)
  • Brian Vickers (2003 1st)
  • Greg Biffle (2002 1st)
  • Dale Earnhardt Jr (1999 1st)

Those guys were Busch Series regulars, not Cup drivers at the time.

Well, after a mere 7 Busch Series races in the books, Carl Edwards already leads by 321 points. I think I am becoming the hardest of hardcore ‘Buschwhacker’ fanatics. I completely embrace the ‘Anti-Cup-Driver-Darn-You-Buschwhackers’ philosophy.

Give me a raise of hands.

Do we really want to see Carl Edwards run away with the Busch Championship this year?

What is he trying to prove?

It’s kinda disgraceful really. I like Carl, I really do. But he is making for a very anti-climatic Busch season. Harvick already did the Busch Whacking Butt Whooping last season.

Can’t we do something else this year?”