What Are Cup Drivers Doing This Weekend?

As soon as the checkered flag flew at Atlanta most drivers turned their attention to their plans for the next week. After a month’s worth of racing around the country, they finally get a weekend off to do whatever they want. Some retreat to their hobbies, others go on vacations and some, well, take a look.

  • Dale Earnhardt Jr hires Al Franken to visit Tony Eury Jr’s house. Franken, setting aside his senatorial duties, tells Eury “he’s good enough, smart enough and doggone it people like him. And oh yeah, don’t forget to take 1/4 pound out of the right rear and add half a turn of wedge.
  • After hitting the snooze button on his alarm clock, Casey Mears heads to Daytona to prepare for Speedweeks and the upcoming 2009 season. Teammate Clint Bowyer texts him to remind Mears that the season has already started.
  • Inspired to do his part to kickstart the economy, Jimmie Johnson goes around the Charlotte area repairing stop signs, tightening leaky faucets and insulating drafty homes.
  • David Ragan is called into UPS CEO Scott Davis’ office where Davis threatens to revoke Ragan’s company parking permit unless he starts getting on TV for something other than wrecking his teammate.
  • To prepare for a special 4th of July paint scheme, M&M’s sends Kyle Busch to Mexico.
  • At home in Florida, Mark Martin is enjoying a relaxing weekend with his family. However things turn sour when he attempts in vain to get his kids to eat all of their vegetables. “But you don’t finish races,” replied son Matt.
  • Tony Stewart takes a break from his day job of paying bills, talking to sponsors and dealing with employees. He heads to Eldora where he continues paying bills, talking to sponsors and dealing with employees.