What Theresa Really Is Saying

Teresa EarnhardtWhile we are very disappointed (that’s an understatment) that Dale Jr. (our cash cow and major source of income beyond whoring out the Dale Earnhardt Brand™ for highest dollar) has chosen to leave the family business (yes, that’s right. He is abandoning his family. He is disgracing the Earnhardt Brand™ name and spitting on the company his father and I built. I may only be his step-mother, but I have the distinction of being the third and longest lasting wife of Dale Earnhardt. I went to these friggin’ races every weekend for too long not to have my big payoff), we remain excited about our company’s future (opportunity to run in the back of the pack along side the other mighty but fallen teams of Robert Yates and the Wood Brothers). Our aggressive expansion (boy howdy, will there be a lot of vacated positions to fill) and diversification (that’s right…we are into diversification. Di-verse-e-fee-k-shun. DEI invented diversification. Look at our diverse income streams through 6 years of Dale Earnhardt merchandise sales and playing on the emotions and loyalty of Dale’s fans. We’ve diversified the number of cars we run and even diversify our drivers every couple of years. We hired Max Siegel. If that’s not diverse, I don’t know what is!) plans have not changed. This company has continued to thrive (solely on the marketability of Dale Sr. merchandise and his wildly popular son Dale Earnhardt Jr.) since Dale left us in 2001, and it will thrive (as a museum) following today’s announcement. Dale and I (yes I, Theresa Houston-EARNHARDT, the third wife and Official Widow™ of Dale Earnhardt) built this company to be a championship-contender, and those principles still apply. Dale Earnhardt, Inc. will win, and we have (one) other extremely talented drivers and hundreds of employees that are dedicated (but will probably also jump ship) to the programs we founded. This company has a great legacy and a bright future, built on loyalty, integrity, and commitment (there, I started with a dig on Dale Jr and I end with one).