Who is the NASCAR Turkey of the Year?

NASCAR fans can always find something to complain about. Heck, I wouldn’t have a lot to blog about if it wasn’t this way. After a long season of good and bad, it’s time to nominate some Turkeys for the year. Whether true or imagined, there are plenty of candidates for the ToY.

  • The CoT She may be foxy, boxy and have some funk in the trunk, but if a car can’t put on a good race she isn’t very attractive.

  • Kyle Busch He conquered all three series during 2008. He won a combined 21 races in NASCAR’s top three series, but also angered a combined 21 drivers with his aggressive, unapologetic style.

  • Goodyear Tony Stewart called their product “pathetic” after the Atlanta race. A race that Stewart finished 2nd. Goodyear also received some heat for their poor tire at Indianapolis resulting in a series of 10 lap runs and competition cautions (ironic choice of phrase since no one could do any competing).

  • Dodge The company offered a $1 million bounty to the driver that won the Daytona 500. After that was paid out to Ryan Newman, Dodge forgot about the rest of the season. No drivers in the Chase, only four wins and one of their “premier” teams, Ganassi, left to merge with a Chevrolet team. Ray Evernham, originally hired to be the flagship owner for Dodge, also left NASCAR.

  • Jimmie Johnson This guy is responsible for making the Chase boring. He’s so greedy that no one else has come close in the last three years. Making things worse, he and Chad Knaus didn’t even get caught cheating this year. Does that mean they weren’t trying?

  • Tony Eury Jr He built cars in the vein of Mission Impossible. Dale Jr’s ride would be fast and effective for 66% of a race and then self-destruct.

  • Toyota The newest Cup manufacturer had the nerve to not only run in NASCAR’s top division, but to win 10 races. What a bunch of jerks! Who do they think they are, building Camry’s in the United States and actually being a profitable car manufacturer. And they make fuel-efficient cars? You’ve got some nerve, Toyota.

  • Enjoy the holiday and always be thankful for life’s blessings. And remember, no matter how bad things seem, the fact that you are reading this means you have things pretty good.