You Don’t Have To Be In The Race To Be A Winner

Brian Vickers & Michael WaltripTwo drivers that have impressed me the most this year seldom make the race.

Yet, like the Little Engine That Could, each week they try. And, continue to try. All the while remaining (outwardly) optimistic and positive about their chances and their teams efforts.

The perseverance exhibited by Michael Waltrip and Brian Vickers truly does impress me.

The struggles that Michael Waltrip Racing and Team Red Bull have showcased this season is a motivating glimpse of reality. It serves to affirm my belief that CONSISTENT and PERSISTENT work pay off.

Take Brian Vickers scorched feet as the latest example of persistance. Or. Mikey’s continued good-natured ribbing of himself on Inside Nextel Cup. These guys don’t have a whole lot to get excited about, except for holding on to the dream.

Many people theorized that Toyota would ‘buy’ their way into the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series. Much like the lottery sometimes brings the lifelong fool into a position of prominence. But, it just ain’t so. If I just counted right, 17 of the 36 Toyota entries have failed to make the first 5 races this year. Take out Dale Jarrett’s ‘gimmes’ and they would have 21 ‘go homes’.

Whoever brokered that purchase into NASCAR dominance ought to be fired. It’s a dismal showing when only 42% of the new ‘Big Money Boys’ entries make the race. Jack, you ARE paranoid.

Speaking of firing, I’m sure that will be happening. You can put Jeremy Mayfield and AJ Allmendinger at the top of the NASCAR Dead Pool list. (Hmmm…thought to self. Now there’s an idea for a fun Silly Season game.)

nickelNow for the ‘other side of this coin’ give Green-White-Checker’s Blog a read as he puts Michael Waltrip in the grave.”